How to trade the FOREX market?

You're very smart. So, wouldn't you like to worksmarter, instead of harder? Work privately, early mornings for lavish, full-time earnings. Meet local people who do. They will teach you what they know. I promise, you've never heard the secrets of earning wealth this way.

The Institute's curriculum is designed to get you focused on only what you need to know to make a living from the Forex markets fast. Whether you are local to our Oceanside, CA campus or are learning through our student webinars, we are dedicated to making successful Forex Traders and helping you reach your trading goals. Our teaching is based upon the true nature of the financial markets.The factisthat a large number of those who attempt to trade the financial markets fail due to a simple misunderstanding.They have failed to understand that this is the business of the Market Makers and Big Banks. If you do not understand their business model you will have a very hard time making a consistent living from the markets.Thankfully, their business model is a simple one.We are ready to teach those who are willing to learn how the Big Banks make billions every year in these markets and how to grab their share.

Why Forex?

The Foreign Exchange Market is a form of exchange for the trading of international currencies. By using this platform in a proper manner you will get the opportunity to achieve the lifestyle you want.

What you don't need

Employees, offices or buildings, license or insurance, products, vendors, marketing or even customers.

What you will have

24 hours access to the market. Freedom to trade from anywhere there is an internet connection. The opportunity to increase your income without your workload. Job security in any country where public trading exists. Unmatched financial liquidity. Complete control of your lifestyle.

What does it cost?

The tuition fee for 3 months of mentorship (52 units) is $4,000. We do NOT sell a piece of software to you and then leave you alone! Safe trading isn't only about software and skills, what you need is guidance. Compare our tuition fee and income to those of other occupations at the bottom of this page.

If you are tired of MLM, ownership, bosses, time clock or the daily grind on the sales floor, this is for you! Regular people get the opportunity to change their careers and lives by working 20 hours per week.We have no competition in what we do and how we do it. Everyone is a prospective student and most want what we have.You will be empowered with the skills and confidence to daily trade the currency markets for profit. Starting with as little as $50 in your own trading account any serious person can realistically expect to replace (or double) their income - or reach most other stated financial goal - within a year. You can enjoy 100% job security, constant growth and create ongoing wealth for yourself and your family!

FX365i is abrick and mortar teaching and trading facility in Oceanside, CA, teaching the general public to trade safely and successfully in their own FOREX accounts.

Please pop up the picture to compare our tuition fee of $4,000 and the income of a Forex Trader to other professions.

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We offer an opportunity to recover your tuition fee and create additional income before you start making money by trading!

Someone who has learned the skills and disciplines that FX365i teaches can take a$1000 trading account and turn it into a $27,000 per month income in as little as a year, see our example business plan.This is achieved through obtaining a modest 35 PIPs per week gain and using leverage.Is it hard work? YES. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

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